New Phishing Email Uses Google Docs and Permissions to Gain Access to your Google Account

This new Phishing Email gets you to open the doc and get access too your google account. How does it do this?
When you click the link it requests permissions to your account and most people just click ok and continue on. (Do not click allow if you decide to open this doc)
Once permissions have been authorized they are in. And more then likely will start sending out emails from your account.

If you are expecting a docunment link from someone carefully check the senders email the one we found had [email protected] attached to it. which obviously not the email of the person supposedly sending it.


These authorizations give access to anything your google already has access too.

If you Have been hit:

  • Goto sign in
  • Goto Security and Connected Apps
  • Search and remove googledocs from the list. It is not the real google docs



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